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Light Among Shadows is a female fronted symphonic metal band created in late 2010 by the guitar player Adrien Fowl. The style of the band is inspired by fairy tales and horror stories. Their first album, “At the Gates of Dawn” was released in 2011. This album was sung by the German singer Tatjana Klee. They spent all that year touring throughout Spain and promoting their album, supporting some major Spanish bands like Saratoga.

In 2012 they released their second album, “Welcome… Back!”, sung again by Klee. This album got an average of 88/100 by the media. It was reviewed as one of the most important releases in 2012 by (the most important Spanish metal focused website).

Their next project was a shortfilm/videoclip telling the story of the whole album. This was the last time Tatjana Klee would work with Light Among Shadows. In September, María Barragán was annouced as their new singer.

Their new album “Under The Waves” was released on the 10th April 2018.


María Barragán

María Barragán


María is in charge of the vocals at Light Among Shadows since 2013, and her spectacular voice gives the final force and energy to the sound of the band. Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Epica or Within Temptation (all women-led bands) are part of María’s influences, something that is clear when she fills a stage with her strength and charisma. We’ll be able to check her magic touch on the new album.


Adrien Fowl

Adrien Fowl

Lead Guitars

Adrien has years of experience as a guitarist in different musical projects, and in his musical style there are clear influences of Iced Earth, Kamelot or Iron Maiden. Since the foundation of L.A.S in 2011, he’s been focused on exploring and outlining different sounds with the band. However, it’s with “Under the Waves” that he considers having consolidated both the form of work and the sound of the group itself.


Christopher Red

Christopher Red


Chris Red is the bass player of Light Among Shadows since the band’s founding in 2011, after years of friendship with Tineo and Adrien, with whom he had previously collaborated on different musical projects. Chris’s musical style has been strongly influenced by bands as diverse as Blind Guardian, Nine Inch Nails or Ghost BC, trying to get away from the more classic sounds of metal music.


Alejandro Tineo

Alejandro Tineo


Tineo has been chasing drumsticks since 2006, when he started playing this instrument influenced by Power Metal bands like Blind Guardian or Viking Metal sounds, with Moonsorrow as his biggest influence. Speaking of Light Among Shadows’ new album, Tineo is enthusiastic about the possibility of opening new doors for the band in the music scene, not only national but also international, especially in Europe.

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